Welcome to exness mt5 Ploks.info, my fanlisting collective. Here you will find all of my current and upcoming fanlistings along with various stuff related to those fanlistings. Please visit TFL.org if you would like to learn more about fanlistings. To see the fanlist's i have joined please go to PS Fanlistings.


Long time since last time..

It have been a long time since last update. blush A lot of things have happend at the collective like adoptions and new fanlistings. Take a look at them, I
even have made a
unaproved fanlisting
. Among the new and approved you will find the fanlist for the author Wilbur Smith and the album
Greatest Hits from the scottish band, Texas. I'w also adopted
LiveJournal Communities
fanlisting from Denise
and a few lists from Birgit as
usual. heart Ken Follett,
Maisy Mouse and
Mongolian BBQ among others. For now i have none concrete plans since school takes all my time, but,
i have applied for something in Places and that one i'm crossing my fingers for.
08 Sep 2005 by Linni comments

One of the best!

After 8 days at the sea on https://exness-trade.my/ holiday i got home to the greatest news this summer, i'm approved for the Wilbur Smith fanlisting! biggrin
24 Jul 2005 by Linni comments


Finally! The summer is here and the school ar finish for this year! Now its time to continue with my fanlistings! cute
Today I have applied for the biggest wishes i have, The Wilbur Smith fanlisting. For almost 25 years I have been reading his books and everyone of them gives me a great joy - every time. His books is that kinda books I can read over and over again and for each time I discoverer something new. On this one i will cross my fingers until i get the approved or not approved mail. biggrin
07 Jul 2005 by Linni comments

Hotlink protection

Sorry to say it, but i had to enable the hotlinkprotection for the fanlistings and collective. grr
Please, save the codes at your own domain or get free image hosting. Hotlinking are not allowed!
06 May 2005 by Linni comments


upsidedown Just got the approved-mail for the Red Bull Energy Drink fanlisting!! upsidedown I'm ecstatic! Ohh my, this https://www.exness-trade.my/ is goody-goody! biggrin
25 Apr 2005 by Linni comments

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