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Can't resist

Last week i bumped into the TFL.org Board and find the Monopoly fanlist up for adoption! shock Of course, i couldn't resist applying for it - and i got it from Cathrine that obvious had a tough decision. I'm so happy that she fall on me. heart
As im workin' on the Monopoly fanlist i get mail from Birgit in the middle of the night; The Red Bull fanlisting is open for application! And who would thing that i'm not applying for it? wink

Well, as i'm crossing my fingers i have to get back to my study, those economy tests are next week..*urk*
20 Apr 2005 by Linni comments

More adoptions!

Again, Birgit had a cleanup in her collective heart and she gave away the author Minette Walters, Darling Nikki, the song by Prince, Be still my heart by the norwegian jazz singer Silje Nergaard, the website realted orkut and the vinegar thats go into the Food category! heart

For now, i have no new on upcomming, nor enything i have applied for... Maybe i should use the time now for my studies, its only 2 months left of this school year... shock
Already i have resisted applying for eny adoptions and still i'm sitting on my hands... left
03 Apr 2005 by Linni comments

Tweaking day...

I'v tweaked some codes to make directories for the whole Food/Drinks list and Fashion/Cosmetics, Birgits codes of course.. wink That girl use a stucture that i understand, thanks sweety! heart
I also got approved for 3 other fanlist that goes into my Oldies Fanspace.
26 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

New stuff

As i said before, i got big problems to get the Skype list as i really wanted to, so finally i falled down on the second choice, a tweak of one of the previous adopted fanlistings from Birgit but, i haven't give'in it up, i just need some time to understand the way to do it.
Earlier tonight Birgit contacted me and asked if i wanted to adopt the BioTherm list. how could i refuse!? BioTherm is one of the few brands i'm using, when i use something. I also think it was the most speedy moving-procedure ever done on a fanlist ever...

Other things thats new at Ploks Collective is the Noni list for the Nonifruit. Another one is for Salmon. Extra stuff as recipes are added.
23 Mar 2005 by Linni comments


All the adoptions from Birgit are up. Some smaller problems here and there but within midnight it should be okey, jupp!
17 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

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