Plok’s adventure begins as he awakens one morning to locate that his big square flag went missing. Then he finds it on travel first towards the nearby Cotton Island to retrieve it in the Bobbins Siblings.

After vanquishing the Bobbins Bros. and reclaiming his flag, Plok returns to Akrillic to locate the island continues to be absorbed by Fleas, large blue creatures that jump around. He rapidly learns the thievery of his flag was just a decoy to lure him from Akrillic and then leave it unguarded. Plok must travel throughout Akrillic, ridding the area of Fleas. Partway with the game, Plok requires a break by his house to trap a nap, where he hopes for his Grandpappy’s journey on Legacy Island to look for a household heirloom referred to as Magical Amulet, that is eventually found and happened upon by Plok because he awakens.

After cleaning all of the Fleas from Akrillic, Plok descends into Brendammi Bog, in which the Fleapit, the origin of all of the Fleas, is situated. Riding various vehicles, Plok journeys deep in to the Flea Pit, ultimately challenging the Flea Queen because the final boss.